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Ro Neighbourhood Coffee

Slacken - Costa Rica

Slacken - Costa Rica

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SLACKEN: To loosen, to release tension, to reduce intensity, to work slowly. 

This coffee sure is a special one. These beans undergo a process called Red Honey. It the simplest terms, it means that some of the coffee cherry is left on the beans as they dry. The cherry part that was left on the beans is sweet and thick - similar to honey. This process adds a depth of flavour, smoothness, and sweetness that is unparalleled. If you have never tried a honey process we seriously recommend you do! 

Single Origin: Costa Rica West Valley, at the V&G San Juanillo Farm

Notes: Strawberry Jam, Milk Chocolate, Fresh Berries

Process: Red Honey, Sun Dried on raised beds at Patalillo

Varietals: H1

Elevation: 1500m

Amount: 340g


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We pay a high premium for our coffee. By doing this, the farmers get better support and are able to improve their coffee. This means the coffee gets better and better, year after year.