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Jubilee - Ethiopia

Jubilee - Ethiopia

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JUBILEE - The Radical Year of Release
We chose the name Jubilee for this coffee because of the powerful imagery behind the command of a Jubilee year found in Leviticus 25. It occurred every 7th sabbath year (every 50 years) and was an entire reset of the Israelite society - it was the year that all the land and people rested, every slave was set free, and every person was forgiven their debts. Jesus announced that he was enacting the Year of Jubilee when he launched his public ministry in Luke 4. In Jesus, the time of rest and freedom is here, even if we don't always feel or see it.  We hope you experience a taste of this rest with each cup of Jubilee. 

Single Origin: Ethiopia Gedeo Yirgacheffe Worka Chelbessa

Notes: Blackberry, Brown Sugar, Light Citrus Finish - This coffee is sweet, jammy and well balanced with a depth of flavour

Process: Natural Process, Sun Dried

Varietals: Heirloom Yirgacheffe 

Elevation: 2000-2200m

Amount: 340g

To learn more about the Year of Jubilee, check out this podcast episode from the Bible Project 

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We pay a high premium for our coffee. By doing this, the farmers get better support and are able to improve their coffee. This means the coffee gets better and better, year after year.