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Ro Neighbourhood Coffee

Greentree - Brazil

Greentree - Brazil

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This coffee is fondly named after one of the pastors that has been wildly encouraging in the start of this new ministry. We chose this coffee with churches in mind because it's a coffee-that-tastes-like-coffee and fits a wide variety of coffee preferences. It's an approachable entry in to the world of speciality coffee, being well balanced and smooth without much acidity. To quote someone who tried it during a coffee tasting, "whoa, this is like church coffee but way, way, better."

Single Origin: Brazil Recanto, Minas Gerais 900-1000M

Notes: Hazelnuts, Toffee, Dark Chocolate

Process: Organic, Fully Washed, Sun Dried

Varietals: Red and Yellow Catai,

Amount: 340g


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We pay a high premium for our coffee. By doing this, the farmers get better support and are able to improve their coffee. This means the coffee gets better and better, year after year.