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Eremos - Guatemala

Eremos - Guatemala

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Eremos [er’-ay-mos] is an ancient Greek adjective that was often used to describe a solitary, desolate place.

In English, the closest word we have is "wilderness." The term eremos is used throughout the Bible and we see that God uses eremos places to draw his people out for them to experience rest & refining and to hear him speak. We see Jesus retreat to eremos to escape the crowds, to pray, and to experience closeness with His Father. Christian monks used the term eremos when they would seek out quiet places to listen to God and fight forces and lies at work in their hearts. Eremos is not a place we stay, but it's from this place we gain rest and confirmation that we are loved for who are, not what we do.

Our coffee Eremos, may just be the perfect companion for the wild and quiet places, whether on top of the mountain, in the Kootenay bush or in the quiet hours of your own home, we hope Eremos will join in helping you rest and focus in the silence.

Single Origin: Guatemala Huehuetenango

Notes: Honey, Berries, Chocolate

Process: Fair Trade Organic, Fully Washed, Sun Dried

Amount: 340g


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We pay a high premium for our coffee. By doing this, the farmers get better support and are able to improve their coffee. This means the coffee gets better and better, year after year.